Yoga Teacher Training 2016

Perspectives in Yoga

Coming this Fall!

Are you interested in advancing your yoga practice or are you ready to share your love of yoga with others as an instructor?

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training Program

(certified since 2012 with Yoga Alliance of Canada)

Course Fee: $2,500.00 
Main Fitness offers a monthly payment option.

Our program is unique in that we offer a real alternative to the many short, intensive, “24/7 for a month” programs that are out there. Our program spans 8 months, allowing you to continue with your daily life as you prepare for your next, yoga-inspired, life change. Several intensive weekend in-class sessions are interspersed with 2 – 3 week experiential breaks, wherein you practice what you have learned before moving on to the next experience in the program.

Our intention is to cultivate your passion for yoga and foster your ability to prepare thoughtful and creative yoga programming. Our Instructors are trained and experienced in a broad spectrum of health and wellness specialties including; yoga, fitness, sports, rehabilitation, mindfulness, meditation and therapy.  This expansive knowledge base creates a dynamic space for learning and broadening your comprehension of yoga, its traditions and its applications within the health and wellness industry.

At Main Fitness we believe in teaching beyond the textbook; we bring the body and mind alive with hands-on in-depth education. Throughout the program students are exposed to numerous specialty areas within yoga to encourage out-of-the-box thinking, while maintaining a solid foundation in the classic traditions.

Our graduates are classroom-ready able to bring their teaching skills immediately into the yoga studio or classroom.

                            Meet the Instructors

YTT instructors Gudrun (2)Gudrun Hardes is a dedicated student and teacher of yoga and fitness.  Her teaching career began over 30 years ago and she has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 15 years.  Certified in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha Vinyasa Yoga,  Gudrun’s creative and inspiring lessons also draw upon her studies in Anusura Yoga,  studied with Michael Siddall.  Gudrun is a co-owner of Main Fitness, is the owner of WSUP Toronto and also teaches SUP Yoga, and Spin.  She is very proud of the YTT Program at Main Fitness which has produced many inspiring teachers who are now teaching around the globe.


YTT instructors Charlene (2)Charlene Sullivan is a passionate student and teacher of movement therapy and nutrition as it pertains to holistic health and lifestyle.  Among her many certifications,  Charlene is Yoga Alliance certified, and is a Medical Exercise Specialist, certified by the American Academy of Rehabilitation Specialists. Her mentors and teachers include Yin Yoga expert Paul Grilley and Anatomy Trains founder, Tom Myers. As a lecturer and athlete rehab trainer, Charlene has spoken at a variety of educational institutions including the University of Toronto, York University, the TDSB and Fitness Conferences throughout North America. One of her greatest teachers is her daughter, Davis.



YTT instructors KatieKate Marshall Flaherty is trained in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness and Yoga Therapy. She teaches World Religions at Scarboro Missions, and is passionate about the history, philosophy and sacred texts of the Yoga Tradition. Her specialty is the seven major chakras and their relation to the elements, endocrine systems, stages of life and physical/spiritual journey. Katie brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the unique Main Fitness Yoga Teacher Training Program.



The inspiration behind Lauren Brown’s teaching is her desire to nurture the happiness, health and resilience of her students of all ages. As a yoga instructor, career & transitions coach and Mom, Lauren believes that health and wellness needs to be a priority for every one of us, especially busy families.  Her Adventures in Yoga Family Classes run once a month in and around Toronto and are designed to get the whole family together to enhance their fitness and have fun together. In addition to her 200 hr Yoga Alliance Certification Lauren has completed the Applied Mindfulness Meditation Specialist program at Uof T.


YTT instructors AntonietteAntoniette Finelli has been a Montessori teacher for half of her life.  Teaching and sharing comes naturally to her, as well as her keen sense of group dynamics. Antoniette has been blessed to have taken retreats with both Thich Nhaut Han and the Dalia Lama. Being in the presence of both these spiritual teachers has given Antoniette depth and understanding of the human condition that really influence her yoga teaching style.  Her certifications include, Flow Yoga Certification, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Thai Massage Practitioner, Reiki Level 1 and Certified Kids Yoga Teacher.


Through the experience and integrity of our instructors and our creative, vibrant

200 hour YTT program,  we hope to inspire a life long love of yoga and learning.


                             Hours and Requirements

  • 140 Hours of in-class lectures and hands-on training
  • 40 Hours practical training at yoga classes; recorded and signed off by the teacher
    • Yoga classes are free at Main Fitness during your program and there are many styles to choose from. 
  • 15 Hours of observation and hands-on adjustment (deepening) in yoga classes.
  • 10 Practice Teaching Hours (teaching each other while supervised).
  • 3 hours of  Practical Teaching via 3 Karma classes.

 Student Testimonials

“Every teacher has amazing knowledge and experiences to share…Yoga has taught me to accept myself just as I am, love my body and appreciate what it does…my YTT has allowed me to begin teaching a yoga class on a weekly basis.  I also run a yoga and culinary retreat in Mexico”.

Andrea B; Food & Nutrition Expert, Media Personality, Yoga Instructor


“I came to the YTT at Main Fitness to improve my own practice and to learn more about yoga. Eight months later I know I want to teach yoga,  all thanks to the great teachers.”

– Darko; Technical Architect, Designer, Competitive Cyclist, Fitness Instructor

“This unique extended YTT  program allowed me to absorb the content at my own pace. My own practice is thriving… The big surprise for me was the spiritual journey; learning more about gratitude and happiness, and accepting things as they are”.

-Alex; Health and Fitness Expert, Spin Instructor, Personal Trainer, Father of 2


“Taking a YTT program was on my bucket list …from a personal development standpoint (it) had a very positive effect. I am very nervous speaking in front of people and the program provided a safe and supportive environment…It was a way of facing my fears.”

– Zoa; CMA, Children’s Author, World Traveler

“This YTT program kick-started my journey on a whole new career path; one that I had wanted to start for years but could not, logistically and mentally, get going.  The program design allowed me to ease into this new career while still supporting myself and getting my game plan together.  My biggest ‘aha’ moment was realizing how powerful yoga is as a motivational medium.  And the teachers!  Many are still my mentors and I hope they will continue to be for many years. I am happy and thriving in my new career, thanks to the Main Fitness team”

– Andrea, Fitness Specialist, co-owner of a Gym & Yoga studio

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