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647-352-3347 Open 7 days 1745 Queen St E, Toronto ON

MindBody Registration How-To’s

Registering for classes via MindBody

First-time registrants

Before you register, you will need a MindBody account (there is no cost to this). Most of you have these associated with your Main Fitness account already (under the same email address).

To create a MindBody profile or ensure you already have one, follow these steps:

1. Visit http://clients.mindbodyonline.com/launch.
2. In the Search bar, type Main Fitness and click Select.
3. Enter your email address and password (if you’ve forgotten your password, MindBody will prompt you to enter your email, and they’ll send you a link to create a new password. You will now be able to register for classes.
4. If there is no record of your email address, you will have the option to click “create a new account” (if your Main Fitness/MindBody were created under an old email address, you can create a new account, and we’ll merge your two accounts for you. This will need to happen before you can sign up for classes).
5. Fill in the information required to create your profile.
6. Click “Create Account.”
7. You’re ready to sign up for classes!

Enrolling via computer

1. Visit mainfitness.ca.
2. Click “Schedule” in the menu bar to find the class you’d like to register for (registration opens after midnight FIVE days before each class (e.g., registration for all Monday classes opens the previous Wednesday at 12:01 a.m.).
3. Hover over the class you’d like to register for. Click “Sign Up” inside the popup window.
4. You should now be on our MindBody registration page. If you don’t see the class you’re registering for, ensure that “All service categories” and “All teachers” are selected. Your class won’t appear more than five days prior.
5. Click “Sign Up Now.”
6. Click “Make a Single Reservation.” If you are a paying member, and it prompts you to pay , begin again and click “Register as Unpaid” instead. We can input your pass or membership into your reservation at the front desk.
7. You’re now registered! If you need to cancel (*if the class is close to full, please do so more than three hours before class to avoid a late fee), go to Main Fitness’s MindBody page (http://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=13155). Click on “MY INFO” in the menu bar. Click “My Schedule” in the sub-menu. Click “cancel” in the right column of the class you’re cancelling.

Enrolling via MindBody app

1. Sign in with your email address.
2. Search for Main Fitness.
3. Scroll down the main page and select “Schedule.”
4. Select “BOOK” next to the class you’d like to register in.
5. You’re now registered! From the Home page, you can cancel the class, if you need to (*if the class is close to full, please do so more than five hours before class to avoid a late cancellation fee).

*Cancellation Policy

Registration open: five days before each class, after midnight.
Early cancellation: more than three hours before each class.
Late cancellation: less than three hours before each class. We have waived the late fee of $5 for the next few weeks. No charge if there is no wait list. We appreciate you opening up your spot!
No show: $5 charge.

ALL classes require advance sign-up, and we understand that there may be last-minute tweaks to your schedule. We do appreciate if you cancel within MindBody’s three-hour window, but please cancel regardless if you can’t make it, in order to open your spot up to others. If you cancel within three hours of the class, MindBody sends an automated email saying you’ve been charged, but you HAVE NOT and WILL NOT be charged unless you’re a no show.