Core 4 Therapy using the Hypopressive Method

Workshop with Justine Sipprell, Pilates Instructor

Date: October 15th, 2pm – 4pm @ Main Fitness
Cost:  $30 (+ HST) per person

‘Core 4 Therapy using the Hypopressive method’ will last 2 hours and we will discuss how to improve core strength, focusing on the synergy between the core 4 muscles. We will also learn which exercises actually can put strain on the ‘core 4‘, particularly the pelvic floor. We will then learn the Hypopressive series and practice it.
Although the Hypopressive method was  originally designed when looking at women’s pelvic floors postnatally, the method is also now being used for athletes. Through practicing this method you learn to breathe more effectively, hence improving your VO2 max.
This method helps you expand your breath, lengthen your spine and calm your mind. It helps with pelvic floor dysfunction, postural problems, back issues and breathing problems. Hypopressives also tone your waist line, and help the ‘core 4‘ connect and work in synergy with each other. If you have had a baby in the last 3 years and have a diastasis recti this method can help you.
Some women have hyper tonic pelvic floors and find that when they jump, lift weights or even run that they suffer from some form of incontinence. The Hypopressive method can help you release your pelvic floor as well as tone it.
There are women I know that have had a grade 3/4 prolapse and have been advised that they need surgery. By practicing the Hypopressive method they have managed to get rid of their prolapse!
Men also benefit from learning this technique. As they get older their prostate enlarges, causing more pressure on the pelvic floor. They too need to take care of their ‘Core 4‘. Learning the Hypopressive method of exercise can improve sexual function in both men and women.
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