647-352-3347 Open 7 days 1745 Queen St E, Toronto ON
647-352-3347 Open 7 days 1745 Queen St E, Toronto ON


The following yoga classes are all good for beginners:

Hatha Flow Yoga

Traditional Yoga postures are put together in flowing sequences with an emphasis on alignment and breath.. Promotes flexibility and relaxation.
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Fascial Yoga

Following the Fascial lines we will direct energy naturally throughout the body modifying traditional yoga poses. This class uses a variety of techniques traditional to fascial therapy to help you float through your day.
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Soft and Sweet Yoga

Start with very simple postures with the opportunity to progress without disturbing the natural conscious flow of your breath. Flowing into other asanas to create a beautiful synchronization. In addition, we do pranayamas, chant mantras and practice basic meditation techniques.
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Yin Yoga

A deep stretch that promotes lower body flexibility and upper body strength. Joint flexibility is emphasized. A proven stress reliever. Perfect for beginners.
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Hatha Yoga

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