Back Rehab (pre-reg)

Learn to apply powerful but simple steps to help you to eliminate back or joint pain for good. You will learn how to stabilize and strengthen your body, and stop continued bouts of pain and the financial time cost that incurs.

The workshop will be packed with information that you can apply immediately, like how to set up your environment to stop back pain, How to use exercise and stretching effectively to correct postural problems and pain, how your diet and lifestyle can either make your pain worse or better.

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Just Backs

The key to a healthy back is these essential exercises to improve posture and joint mobility.

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Knee Rehab (pre-reg)

The knee is the most frequently injured joint in both daily activities and sport today. It is typically injured in one of two ways- by accident, or gradually through years of wear and tear from overuse and strain. This workshop will help you to be better equipped to address retaining knee integrity and preventing further injury.

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Fascial Therapy

Following the Fascial lines we will do a variety of exercises designed to direct energy naturally throughout the body. This class is great for anyone wanting to understand the fundamentals of movement and very easy to follow.

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Fascial Yoga

Following the Fascial lines we will direct energy naturally throughout the body modifying traditional yoga poses. This class uses a variety of techniques traditional to fascial therapy to help you float through your day.

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