647-352-3347 Open 7 days 1745 Queen St E, Toronto ON
647-352-3347 Open 7 days 1745 Queen St E, Toronto ON
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4-Week Weight Loss Kick-starter Program

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Movement for longevity; movement for life.

 Join us for innovative movement for all!


Shop around and you’ll see that we are competitively priced for instructor-led classes.  We are the only local fitness studio that offers Seniors and Students pricing.

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We Provide Cutting-Edge Classes

Fitness trends come and go. But with over 30 years in the fitness industry, Main Fitness has nailed the formula to provide effective, safe and engaging classes. We update and, indeed, create custom movement classes to make and keep our clients strong and fit.  Come and join in a SWEAT™ class, a Pendotion™ class, or a hard-to-find Gravity™ small group training class.


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Our Instructors are Seriously Experienced

We have a roster of over 15 instructors, all who have 10+ years of teaching experience. Our instructors love teaching here and we give them carte blanche to bring their newest passions and routines to our clients.

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New to Main Fitness?

Try us for 30 days and discover why Main Fitness has been a successful independent fitness studio for over 17 years.

“Many thanks to Main Fitness, as I feel like I am in great shape, and plan to keep on exercising well into the future.There is no place I’d rather be.”


GRAVITY Small Group Training

Learn Moreabout the many benefits of GRAVITY incline body-weight training in a small group setting.

We offer several Gravity small group training classes per week.  Training on the Gravity machine 2 – 3 times per week will give you a noticeably stronger, leaner body in 6 – 8 weeks. 

Pendo to Go™ for Athletes 

Learn Moreabout Charlene’s patented method of fascial movement.

Fit At Any Age!

Learn Moreabout Charlene’s patented method of fascial movement.